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On Saturday I went to a record store, not the main one in this city, a different one and found a great record by Father Yod and a band he put together with like 3 or 4 of his wives. After that i went to pine island with my guitar and a shitty little pocket amp. The night before I started messing around with some ideas for a piece on guitar and bass in the style i've been trying to write in lately. So i noticed my guitar had a dent in it which annoyed me but whatever, it still sounds great for a cheaper mexican telecaster if you put thicker strings on it. This song was written and recorded over about 4 days. A big chunk of it while at Pine island watching Rabbits run around which I guess was pretty nice...


Its instrumental but there is a backstory to it that i thought out. Long story short its about abusing prescription medication on a train ride on the way to a old farming town only to find out its as much of a gentrified piece of shit as everywhere else, at which you point you basically dissolve into a pile of fuckin' needles...


released April 21, 2015



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Daffodil 11 day interval Melbourne, Florida

drones from melbourne.

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